Saturday, 14 May 2016

Squash Card Tutorial

You will need:

Cardstock in 2 differents colours
Stamped paper and pictures
Crafts essentials.

Step 1
First cut 3 squares in 20 x 20 cm. Take one of your squares of card and score it in half horizontally, vertically and (ONCE) diagonally as shown. Fold your card along the score lines to loosen the fold. Repeat the same with the other two squares.

Step 2
Lay the three pieces of card as shown in the graphic below with the diagonal folds going vertically and the middle card overlapping one corner-square of each of the other two.

Step 3
Apply glue to the whole of each of the two corner-squares where the sheets of card overlap. Stick down carefully so that the squares match. (don't cover the fold) otherwise your card won’t fold properly.

Step 4
6. Squeeze in the corners of the outer pieces of card as shown.
Just push the top and bottom corners along the diagonal fold lines and press down firmly.

Step 5
7. Keeping the folds tucked in, turn the whole thing over and now squeeze in on the remaining diagonal lines.
Press down on the whole lot and you should have a square card.

Step 6
Now you can add your papers or pictures and match them nicely . Remember not to add dimensional objects inside because your card won't fold properly.

Step 7
On the back of the card stick a ribbon ( There needs to be enough to around the whole card and have enough to tie a bow) Then cover the ribbon with a nice topper. 

PD. Some people prefer to make covers a bit bigger and stick it to the card. I don't think it is necessary. Also I have seen versions with just one side decorated. I prefer to decorate both sides of the card.  These are my personal preferences.
 You can choose whatever you like ♥

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  1. thats very beautiful Soraya, never made one so thanks for the tutorial.
    Gr Karin

    1. Your Welcome Karin! I am glad you like it ♥

    2. Your Welcome Karin! I am glad you like it ♥