Thursday, 17 March 2016

Cold Porcelain Vs Polymer clay

  • What is Cold Porcelain ?
Cold Porcelain is a soft clay which is softer and more versatile  than polymer clay, making it easier to work with.

  • Cold Porcelain requieres baking ?
 NO, Cold Porcelain is  air dries Unlike polymer clay.  Also, Cold Porcelain Is Non-toxic- You won't have to worry about  toxic fumes because it is made with natural ingredients.  (Cold Porcelain is ideal for children to play with)
  • How about versatility ?
Making corrections is possible with cold porcelain (before it dries) but not with polymer clay. Also, cold porcelain can be manipulated to look like marble, glass, ceramic, wood, metal, and other mediums.  Cold Porcelain can be painted, varnished, stamped, sanded, etc.

  • How about price ?
Cold porcelain is cheaper if you compare it with polymer clay,
But here you have an example:

112 grs Fimo costs £3.79   (just one colour! ) with aprox £5 you can make 800grs of cold porcelain and just add the colour you want to use!

 Cold porcelain  has a millions of fans already and is gaining more popularity. Also it is being used more by sculpting artists.

Then, have a Go! try it now :)

Work by Leticia Suarez del Cerro

My stamped cold porcelain for jewellery making,

Other of my works for cardmaking.

I found this beautiful work in the web !

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