Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Tutorial Olaf Headbands / Tutorial de Diademas Frozen

Hi dear Friends!

Some people has been asking me how the headbands were made.. So, I am happy to share this little tutorial in the hope it will be useful... ♥

Shopping List:

-Sue Wilson Copenhagen Die. (from the Scandinavian Collection)
-Glue gun and glue sticks
-Cabochon character
-Funky Foam or Eva, with white as the main colour and other colours  (from:#Trimcraft  and #docrafts, colours to mach the headbands)
-Irisdiscent Glitter (optional)
-Ribbon, about 1.40 mts for each headband. (optional)
-Rhinestones, colours to mach the headbands. (optional)

1.-  Die cut the coloured Foam with the center border of the Copenhagen Die.

2.-Die cut the white foam whith the center piece of the Copenhagen Die. (boorder and inner piece)

3.- Die cut all the Funky Foam as headbands you have

 4.- Chose if you want to use the headbands as their are or at this point you can add the ribbon.

 5.- Fold the ribbon in a half, glue the ribbon to the extreme of the headband and wrap the ribbon around passing each part of the ribbon on and under the headband until finished.

 6.- Glue together the back and the front of the center piece.

should look like that..

7.- Glue the cabochons to the center of the foam pieces.

should look like that..

8.- Finally, glue the centerpiece to the side of the headband.

I hope this will be helpful. 
Thanks for stopping by.. ♥


  1. Hello! I love this tutorial but I would like to know.. where I can find the cabochons? please.