Thursday, 20 February 2014

Flower pot Decoupage

Clay pots have so many uses and are a fantastic medium for crafts. This decoupage flower pots projects are really inexpensive, simple and fun. There are many uses. I have made some for Candle Holders (for the first Holy Communion of my son),  I also made a medium size for a party decoration ( I put some sweets sticks on it)  Depending on what you want, you can use coloured tissue paper, stamps, wrapping paper, magazine or greeting cards cut outs, old newspaper . 
Actually, anything made of paper is good. It's a great moment to think creatively and enjoy. 
This is useful as gift and a home decoration of course..!

I just paint the pot with white acrylic paint for the border I used a gold acrylic paint and after that I paste some  cute images.  Finally I cover all the piece with mod pogde.

This awesome pot was terrific with the marshmallow sticks..!

This was my cute candle holder!!.

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